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Vehicle Owned

Vehicle Type
Hand crafted , half scale replica of a Land rover series 2a

Steve Thomas

Project Description

This is a hand crafted, half scale replica of a Land rover series 2a SAS long range patrol vehicle. Steve found some plans on the net for a basic half scale landrover and altered the design to full military this is the only one of its kind anywhere. It is made mostly of wood with only the bonnet formed of aluminum. The model is powered by a 5.5 HP honda petrol engine with chain drive to the rear axle. Disc brakes are included along with working lights.

In service these vehicles were often painted desert pink and became known as `Pink Panthers'. I fully intend to paint my model pink....sometime in the future! The 25 pounder field gun is a recent addition, also half scale made almost entirely of wood. It doesn`t fire......yet ! But who knows what the future holds!