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Although we are a new organisation, as members of our previous group, 'the Essex MVT', we have been assisting in educating the public and the enthusiasts for many years. With the formation of the Essex HMVA, this is our chance to expand on this work. We have become part of the partnership programme with the Imperial War Museum, which, over a 4 year period will support the Imperial War Museum's message of commemorating the centenary of the First World War. To begin with our activities will be around mobile exhibition boards but we intend to expand on this with our EHMVA 100 project.

Essex HMVA 100 project

Our original intention for this project was to construct a World War 1 trench which could be used for educational displays. The project team considered the feasibility and it was something that we could complete. However, several factors including construction work at the proposed site, and risk involved due to the required co-operation of the land owner caused us to re-think this before we could give the green light in time for this to be completed by the given deadline. As 2018 approaches, driven by the project team we have looked at the key benefits of doing such a project to educate and remember the centenary of Ww1. Our project will now involve the pur-chase of a all-weather interactive screen which will be used alongside other methods of engage-ment such as objects, teaching notes and audience participation. This will require a grant, but pre-liminary enquires have shown this is feasible, so we are currently building a business case to sub-mit the application towards the end of 2017. Any schools or groups interested in joining us on this project please contact us.

Other Activities

We have, in the past, supplied displays in support of other organisations, such as supplying an army radio display for the Chelmsford Industrial Museum during the Marconi Day celebrations.

Many of our members have an extensive knowledge about Military artefacts and history and are able and willing to give talks either about specific objects, or about Military history - please do get in touch if your group or society would like us to come along/

If we can be of help to your organisation with our displays, you would like to volunteer to help or would like to know more about our Essex HMVA 100 project please get in touch via our contact us page.