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Vehicle Owned

Vehicle Type
GPW 1942

Richard Brew

Project Description

My 1942 GPW, from purchase in a very sorry state in March 2000, to (almost) restored state in time for Tilbury August 2003.

The Jeep was bought for £3,500, and was actually driven home - the work started almost immediately. The first thing was to take off all the fittings, trying to keep all the "F" script bolts, only to discover that there was, in places, up to 1" thick body filler under 6 or 7 layers of paint. In places the filler was so deep, that it was still pliable. It would seem that previous owners had tried to smooth out 63 years worth of dents and knocks!! It took about 100 hours to get the body, and all the parts like handles, screen, etc down to the bare metal, which was all in good condition. In other areas, the paint defied all attempts to remove it, so an industrial angle grinder, with a wire brush attachment was used.

The body was then primed and prepared for a hand brushed OD finish from Tony Sudds, which gave a very nice cover. It also got new 6v headlights, rear lights, and indicators, a new wiring loom, (courtesy of my mate Dan from D+E Car Spares in South Woodham Ferrers), an ammo box dated 1942 from a skip, a new screen, new canvas, new brakes, new dynamo, regulator and battery, and a new jerry can holder.

It is painted to represent the 4th battalion of the Somerset Light Infantry in Normandy in 1944, as this was my grandfather's mob.