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Miliboot Rules

and Conditions

The site will be open to both sellers and traders from 7am until 3pm.

Rules for sellers

  • Items being sold should be limited to militaria items and/or home front or period clothing. We do not permit the selling of Food or Drink at stalls. Please check with us in advance if you are unsure if the items you intend to sell are permitted. If you are selling as a trader, please make sure you have all the relevant insurance, risk assessments and permits that may be required. Remember to bring tables with you for outside stalls, (if required) or a groundsheet. For inside stalls, you may use one of the tables provided in the hall. Plus, you have the use of chairs to sit on also.

  • Stall sizes are standard outdoor pitch 2.5m @ £10 or £20 inside. Larger outdoor pitch up to 8m £20. Areas larger than these can be booked in advance - please get in touch with the stalls team.

  • If you want the exclusive use of the tea garden or inside area this is available for sole trading. Please get in touch for details. The stated end of trading time is when you should cease to trade. We ask you pack up and be off the site no later than one hour after end of trading unless you have made arrangements in advance with us or you are using the pub as one of their customers.

  • Payment must be made before you commence trading and can be made either by cash or card.

  • It is a good idea to have plenty of change and remember to keep your valuables close to you. In the hot weather, it is advisable to have sun protection and to drink plenty of fluids. Toilets are available in the pub along with refreshments. Sue and her team are great hosts, and you will be very welcome.

  • Covid19 restrictions will still apply and the event will be run under the current prevailing Government regulations and advice. This may include the requirement to wear masks or indicate exemption. Hand Gel or wipes will be available at the safety point.

  • No live weapons/illegal items may be sold or traded. You should operate a “challenge 25 “age check on the sale of any knives, solvents, paints or other age restricted items. Selling of tobacco or alcohol is not permitted nor are games of chance or gambling. If you are unsure of the person you are selling to, please speak to a marshal or stall co-ordinator.

  • You may not collect on behalf of a charity without prior permission of the Association, in order to protect yourselves and or organisation from unregistered collectors. You are welcome to have an Essex HMVA collection bucket on your stall, which can be obtained upon request and will be collected at the end of the day.

  • Please follow the instructions of the Essex HMVA team on site. They are there for your protection, safety and to ensure the event can continue in future. If you break any of the selling conditions you will be asked to leave the site and will not be refunded. For your own safety and protection, please do allow yourself or others to disturb the beehives at the bottom edge of the field. These types of bees are perfectly harmless and passive and will avoid human contact unless you directly threaten their hive.

  • In the event of cancellation of the event due to unforeseen circumstances or weather conditions, announcements will be made on Facebook and on this website.

Rules for buyers

  • Please follow all directions given by our site team.

  • You may not sell, trade or swap from your vehicle in the public car park. The parking area is reserved for event customers only. If you are only using the pub, please park in their car park area. We reserve the right to close the car park if the site gets full.

  • You may not purchase any age restricted item, where you are underage to do so, or intend to purchase this on behalf of someone in order to subvert the law.

  • Our traders have instructions to stop trading at the end of the event time, and you are required to leave the site within one hour after the end of trading, unless you have made advance arrangements with us or you are using the pub as one of their customers.! In hot weather it is advisable to have sun protection and drink plenty of fluids. You should ensure children or pets are not left unattended in cars. Dogs are permitted, but please keep them on a lead and clean up after them.

  • Covid19 restrictions may apply and the event will be run under the current Government advice and regulations. This may include the requirement to wear masks or indicate exemption. Hand Gel or wipes will be available at the safety point.

  • Toilets are available in the nearby pub, as well as refreshments. Please watch your step, we can not be held liable for any trips or falls. You should avoid any un-even ground if you are not steady on your feet.

  • Remember the phrase: "all that glitters is not gold!" … Please check all purchases carefully before committing to buy! We cannot be held responsible for the sale of fake or misleading items. We are unable to intercede on such matters once you have purchased something. We will of course, act on anything which could be seen to be breaking our selling rules.