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Don't miss the next Miliboot, which will be held on the


The site will be open to both sellers and traders from 7am until early afternoon.

Towards the end of 2019, we formed plans to start a military boot fair in a similar format to the one that some of our members had run at Tilbury Fort many years ago. Unfortunately, just as our launch was due to go ahead Covid19 struck. But our plans are back on track for 2021!

The new fair is called Miliboot and is aimed not only at the military stall holder, but also those enthusiasts who want to sell off some of their items they no longer want. Pitch prices will be kept as low as possible.

We have two areas for outside trading. Prices start from as low as ??10 for a pitch . We wanted to bring back the days of the monthly Tilbury Fort military fair, with the sale of spares, militaria, and collectables.

A place that you could find some incredible, unique gems at amazing prices, and a great way to spend a couple of hours. It is also a great way of clearing out the clutter that you have maybe built up, those unwanted ammunition boxes or a set of Bedford brake shoes perhaps. Any profits from the event will be going to Charity, with the event being run by the Essex HMVA, a military preservation charity, run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

If you have any additional questions, please click here to open our contact us by email page,
then select Miliboot Enquiries from the My Enquiry is about: menu.
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