Although The members of the Essex HMVA have been collecting documents relating to wartime technology for a number of years, it is only since the formation of the new charity, that we have begun a process to make these reference documents available online.

We're working steadily to categorise and upload reference material, however we encourage you to contact us in the first instance to see if we can help

Portable Cookers and Cooking Equipment

List of stores relating to portable cooking equipment, available to the British Army , dated 1939. 16 pages.

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AEC Matador Drivers Handbook

AEC Matador 4x4 tractor drivers handbook, for vehicles with air assisted hydraulic brakes, dated 1943. 68 pages.

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Simple Driving & Maintenance for AEC Vehicles

A guide for novice drivers on the handling of AEC army vehicles, dated 1940. 24 pages.

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M20 3.5 inch Bazooka

Post WW2 M20 3.5 inch Bazooka, anti-tank launcher handbook, dated 1952 amendments 1955. 59 pages.

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1941 British Bren Gun Wallet

Pictorial layout of the contents of the Bren Light Machine Gun Wallet, circa 1941.

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1942 British Bren Gun Holdall

Pictorial layout of the Bren Light Machine Gun Holdall, this would also have held a spare barrel, not shown, circa 1942.

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MK 1, 2 & 3 Sten Machine Carbine Illustrated Identification List

Sten Sub-Machine Gun Mk 1,2 & 3 illustrated parts list, enabling armourers, to order replacements parts as required, dated 1942. 23 pages.

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US Flamethrower History

A history of the use of the US M1 & M1A1 Flamethrower in WW2. dated 1949. 382 pages.

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